Wednesday, January 29, 2014


was reading a blog earlier today. this blog told me, and all others reading, to take this snow day and to think upon something you want to start up doing. here I am on a free "build your blog" thing. I want to get interested into photography and this. this I guess, speaking and writing. seems to interest me. and we're suppose to be interested...right?

the name was a random one as in the thought to create one. "speak something."

did you know anything can speak?


it's true.

the way you say "hey", to the precise details of your outfit. everything speaks. it ravels down to what do you want to speak?
do you want to speak with a soft voice or a roaring scream? hmmm maybe each day it varies. which is beautiful, by the way.

actions speak.

what are you speaking?

maybe you're the only one who understands what your speaking in that odd language of yours.

but please...

speak something.

*****random shots above...speaking to something

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